About Aime

My Exquisite Revolutionary Roots
Born on the East Coast of the US, in Nashua New Hampshire, my family soon moved to San Diego, California, leaving me with no memories of the place where I was born. I suspect this planted the early seeds of curiosity to follow the lifelong path of a pioneering explorer in search of the inner and outer origins of who I am and where I come from.

Born the daughter of a devoted school nurse, and a computer business owner, I believe that the magical entrepreneurial combination of supporting others in amplifying their full power and potential and harnessing the power of relationships and technology has always been literally in my blood.

Growing up, I remember my parents the main expectation was that I work hard, do my best, and pursue the things that would make me truly happy. I believe this was one of the greatest gifts they gave me because it enabled me the freedom to Dream Big, believe in myself, and to commit to creating my own life map on my own terms based on flexibility, family, freedom, and creative self-expression.
My most vivid memories of feeling truly ALIVE as a child were when I was playing games like hide and go seek, scavenger hunts, and solving puzzles that involved exploration, discovery, self mastery. These were early clues pointing to the fact that my creative fires most boldly ignite through adventurous explorations on quests for valuable hidden treasures! Today these treasures takes the form of unlocking what ignites others to unleash their most powerful selves on the world.
Although I was instilled with many of the raw ingredients, early on, that I would need to bring me to where I am today, my journey has certainly been one filled with its own set of twists and turns.

Following the Breadcrumbs of “Success”

At a fairly young age, I became a high achiever who always did well in school, won lots of awards and accolades, got into a good college, earned, probably too many advanced degrees, and built a career as a well respected teacher and mentor. On paper, things may have appeared to be great, but by the time I turned 30 I knew inside that somewhere along the line things had gotten off track. In spite of the accolades, degrees, and respect of my peers, I continued to feel increasingly exhausted, empty, and unfulfilled. I even began to experience some fairly significant health issues that seemed to be prompted by deep pro-longed levels of stress.

My Revelation

This was my wake up call that the life I had been living, (a life that garnered much praise from others and fulfilled society’s conventional definition of success) was not the life I was wanting to live. I realized that I had been following a set of rules, and a definition of success that didn’t even belong to me.
I had fallen asleep at the wheel of my life. I had somehow gotten distracted and became so busy moving up the next wrung on the achievement ladder, that I hadn’t realized that the ladder I was climbing wasn’t even the right ladder for me. Turns out it wasn’t.
Fortunately this game-changing realization coincided with the arrival of my twin daughters so I decided to devote the first few years of their lives to nurturing them getting back in touch with and nurturing the dreams that I truly wanted to manifest in the world on my own terms.
The next part of my journey forced me to take stock in what it is that I most need in my life to feel fulfilled and to identify things I needed to further explore in order to create my ideal life into reality.

My Exquisite Revolution
Some of the key non-negotiable conditions that must be built into my ideal life design are as follows: (the seeds of which have been with me all along.)

I come ALIVE when I am in the flow between Teaching and Learning
I remember first feeling the rush of this in my 7th grade English class. My teacher, Ms. Musso was a master teacher who never stopped learning from her students. She was able to see the power and potential in others and inspire them to bring that out in themselves in a way that I knew I was meant to exercise in the world as well.

I come Alive when I am engaged in Creative Self Expression
The times in my life when I have truly been “in the zone” of flow, that kind of focus where you lose all track of time, are always connected to being creative and self-expressive. Whether it was belting out the words to Olivia Newton-John songs, pretending I was the new drummer of the GoGo’s, or losing myself in the details of a new painting, there has always been a visceral spark that gets ignited when I allowed myself to get lost in creative self-expressive play.

I come Alive through devotion to embodying my full-range of Feminine Power
The first hints of this came when I witnessed the power, grace, and devotion of gymnasts like Nadia Commenic and Mary Lou Retton. Their full-bodied dedication to their art captivated me in a very deep way.

I come Alive through the practice of Self Discovery and Self Mastery
I have always been fascinated by what makes people tick, how they learn, and perhaps most importantly what motivates people to integrate what they learn to change their lives for the better.
While still home with my girls, I felt called to take my own work of self-discovery and self mastery to a much deeper level by being trained and certified as a life coach. As I result, I gained the skills to more precisely hone my own Unique Destiny Map, and I also began to help others to do the same.

Magic of Technology as Impact Amplifier

It was also during this time, several years ago, that I became deeply involved in the online world of social networks. Facebook had been around for a bit, but Twitter, and Youtube were still in their infancy and Google + was still just an idea. Right away, I knew that this new world was one that was filled with power and potential. Not so much because the actually technical tools themselves, but because of leverage they held to exponentially expand people’s intentions. So while I continued to dive deep into the world of life coaching and self discovery, along side that I dove equally deep into this online world and began my own experiments with mastering the power and potential for building game-changing relationships with people all around the world who were doing amazing world changing things.
Through all the ups and downs and back arounds of my own journey, I have finally begun to settle into the truth that I am hear to be a beacon for other visionary women leaders as to how to BE and Create in this wild and exciting and rapidly changing new world, and to teach by example from my own process of transformation. I also believe that this wave of new global women leaders will follow a new economic model of the YOU economy that includes a model of collaborative co-creation with others.
I am so glad you are here to join together in this Exquisite Revolutionary adventure!

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