My name is Amy and I am a Revealer of hidden treasures!

photo by Jan Tik

Looking back as far as I can remember, I have always been captivated by a good treasure hunt.  As a child, some of my favorite memories are connected to birthday party scavenger hunts, endless hours of satisfaction completing entire word search books on long vacation car rides, and playing hide and go seek after school with the neighborhood kids.

I never thought much of this until recently.  And now, looking back, I can see that these were the childhood seeds of a talent that would continue to grow and develop throughout my life, even though I wasn’t really conscious of it.

Glancing back at my former career as a teacher, I can see kernels of how this skill popped up almost daily in my interactions with students both in our class discussions and through the feedback I provided on their work.  I was always on the lookout for those precious moments when students offered those “sparkling” insightful ideas, questions, or glimpses into the most authentic parts of themselves.

Some of my most moving memories came from reading the heart-felt poems and essays penned by seventh graders  just beginning to hone the power of their own unique voices.

Most recently, I have seen this skill deepening its roots even more in my work with coaching clients.  One of the most frequent compliments I receive from clients is how I am able to see things (gifts, strengths, talents) in them that they had previously been blind to themselves.  Often these “gems” appear to them as ugly inconvenient boulders that are “in their way.”  Yet with my offering of “just the right question” at “just the right moment”, it is like a curtain within them rises and they are finally able to see the gem that has been hidden within them all along.

For so long this skill was not something that I acknowledged as a gift.  Yet now I clearly see it not only for the gift that it is, but I also more fully appreciate the real joy that it brings me and others when I am willing to plug into it and follow the “treasure path” where it wants to lead me.

We all have these hidden treasures within us that can often be overlooked if we are not paying attention.  I’d love to read about the wisdom in YOUR hidden treasures!  Leave a comment below sharing one of your authentic skills/talents that may have been hidden from view until NOW!

What is unfolding in 2011

As we move into the new year I can look back on the last and see with a bit more perspective the themes that 2010 carried for me.  These are themes that I have heard echoed by many of my friends both online and off.  For me, it was a year of profound growth that unfolded primarily internally.  There was a pattern of shedding many things that no longer serve me.  There was also the uncomfortable discovering of new bearings as I fumbled around a bit in the darkness, that I can now see was the necessary environment for gestating the creativity and self-nurturing that is so foundational for the unfolding projects of 2011.

For the past three years I have watched the inspirational events of Maria Shriver’s Women’s Conference and when I saw this video, from the 2010 conference, for the first time, it struck such a profound chord in my heart that I have revisited it numerous times since.  Because it has brought me such inspiration for dreaming bigger, loving more deeply, and living more fully, I wanted to share it with you as well.

What did this video leave you thinking and feeling? Which images or messages impacted you most? Leave me your thoughts in the comment section below.