What Big Story Are YOU Committed to Telling?

photo by Jeremy Brooks

I am feeling more strongly than ever that I am hear to be courageous and tell my own stories and the stories of others who are diving deeper into their own path of self discovery in order to bring more love into the world.

The content of the film, Miss Representation really hit home for me and has actually caused a bit of a feeling of overwhelm.  I know it is my role to be a part of the conversation and the solution to changing the status quo as to how women are portrayed and represented in the media, yet it seems almost dizzying as to where to start.

One tool I will keep at the ready is to ask the question,  “Does this action/project bring me greater growth and joy?”  If so, than it makes the cut as to action I am willing to lean into.

I often feel the discomfort of making the commitment to sitting down to write the thoughts and words that are swirling around in my head.  Yet I am finally getting that it is not about me or the brilliance of (or lack thereof) the exact words that come out…it is actually more about my commitment to opening my channel and being willing to look at and listen to the things that are in my heart and mind.  And to allow myself (the compassionate space) to practice building my unique voice muscle and the confidence to follow where that voice (whether in shouts or whispers) wants to take me.

This all begins with my willingness to believe that my own stories are worthy of being told, that I do have something of value to share with others, that it is worth the commitment to publicly practice developing both my written and spoken voice, and that I can receive both fulfillment, enjoyment, and financial abundance from following this path of serving myself while serving others using my voice.

So these are a few things I am willing to practice:

  • I am willing to practice continued awareness that my voice is valuable and needed in the world.
  • I am willing to practice developing my voice and sharing my stories with others
  • I am willing to practice connecting with myself and others in my efforts to develop and share my stories and wisdom.
  • I am willing to practice compassion for myself as I continue stretching outside my comfort zone in order to share my stories in their beautiful imperfection.
  • I am willing to hold myself accountable for sharing my voice with myself and others daily.
  • I am willing to practice capturing the magical story nuggets that are going on all around me in every present moment.
  • I am willing to practice surrendering to exactly who I am and exactly what is right now.
  • I am willing to practice being open to the possibilities that can be created for me and others through sharing my voice.
  • I am willing to practice holding the intention that the writing and telling of my stories help me to tap more deeply into my own inner wisdom.
  • I am willing to practice trusting myself and others through this process of sharing my voice and stories with the world.
  • I am willing to practice identifying and speaking about more of the things that fuel my passion.
  • I am willing to practice all of the above in the pursuit of cultivating greater love in my life and therefore the world.

These are the things I am committed to practicing.  What are you willing to practice that will move you closer to what you want to see and feel and experience in the world?

August 2nd

Spirit Speaks...

Living into A Whole New Groove

photo by jimcrotty.com

As the first post here at the new AmyMiyamoto.com I want to welcome you to the home of A Whole New Groove.   I look forward to bringing you a ton of valuable insights, resources, and stories that will help you begin living more fully into your Whole New Groove.