The road to an Amazing Technicolored Life is paved with Shame

This morning I experienced a physical “click” that I was finally “getting” the concept in my bones of enjoying the Journey of this life, rather than being so focusing on the Destination. The last two years have been a roller coaster of unfolding that I would certainly define as “challenging”, yet when I look back on the miraculous process that has occurred I can see it for what it really has been… a whole cornucopia of “Heck Yeah, High Five, Holy Guacamole” kind of fun.

The unfoldment of the soul from fear to love is quite a technicolored ride and one that forces the waking up of every fiber in my being. It requires the stretching of myself to the world of possibility that most people never even get to the starting line of exploring. I am really starting to feel that the work of this internal journey truly is the path to a truly Alive Life – which is exactly what I signed up for this time around.

Watching Brene Brown’s most recent TED Talk on “Listening to Shame” offered another “Aha”moment because it zeroed in on the Big Enchilada epic drama that is at the bedrock core of what has kept me small and scurrying for safety… the active role that shame continues to play in my life. It is a certain flavor of fear that has a decaying effect on my sense of self, my worth, and my ability to lean into all of the possibilities that being anchored in love has to offer.

I can see it is my most wounded child that most needs the compassionate response from my internal parent. It is this child that has been marginalized and lives from that place of doubt and fear and is desperate for the inner parent to come in night after night and tuck her in safely to sleep and remind her of the truth that she is loved, she is kind, she is worthy, she is significant, she is valuable just because she is here and her experiences and stories are of value and need to be heard because they are part of the human quilt of evolution and empathy and compassion building. And it is through the sharing of my vulnerable stories of imperfect exploring and adventuring that I continue to contribute to the knitting of the collective fabric of unity that connects all of us.

I need to tell my stories for myself because they affirm my role in the collective experience of unfoldment and they allow me the channel of creative self expression that brings me delight and wholeness.

I need to tell my stories for you because they serve as a beacon to all of my other selves that we are not separate and we are not alone and that the dance between love and fear, courage and vulnerability, inner being and outer action is a delicate dance that we are all living into and the choices we are making each and every day are the threads of what is spinning our collective future towards love.

If I can serve as a consistent voice that shares towards that collective loving vision, then I am doing my part to embrace and serve and love the whole of humanity through the lens of the moment-by-moment choices I make in how I spend my days with my family and with my creative self.

What is the story that you need to tell for you, for me, for us all?


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  1. Amazing. I need to tell the story that no matter what happens in your world and in your experience you are loved and safe.  Thank you for sharing this and your story.

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