My Stories Are Calling Me To Tell Them

photo by Brent Buford

The pull of my stories is really ramping up. I think about all the possibilities.  Powerful resources for transformational story-telling keep floating leisurely across my path and there is a bubbling up of courage within me to reach in and claim the value and wisdom of my stories, not only as a source of satisfaction and love for myself but with an inkling that there may be a tribe member or two who may find value as well.  If I continue to be committed to honing my ability to tell my stories in a way that captures my heart.

There are many rich elements that go into writing a truly captivating story.  Yet the simple act of being willing to begin is also a captivating act of courage on its own.  Just this morning, I saw a headline cross my desk of the 106 Excuses That Prevent You From Ever Becoming Great.  And although I chose not to read all 106 of them, I quickly saw the theme that my mind is brilliantly capable of creating an exhaustive list of excuses as to why my dreams cannot be pursued today…but only if I let it.

I keep coming back to the whisper of wisdom that the reason I am really meant to write is to “learn”. Write to learn, write to learn, write to learn.  So much of what I read today online is written from the perspective of writing to explicitly teach “others” something “out there”.  Yet when I pause to consider the writers that continue to captivate my attention and inspire me to see more clearly the brilliance in myself that is hiding in the shadows, they are the writers who are committed to the practice of writing as a vehicle to learn more about themselves.  They are committed to making sense out of how they view the world around them and their place in it.  This is the kind of writing that sparks the Firemaker, The Motivator, and the Pioneer in me.  It is the kind of writing that I am committed to. It is the kind of writing that I want my daughters to experience.

How about you? What is the story that is whispering to you to be told?