The #1 Tool for Expanding Into Greatness

I awoke today with this feeling that it is time for expansion on all levels!  Expansion across all 6 life energies: Time, Money, Physical Vitality, Relationships, Creativity, and Enjoyment. I believe for me and most people the main thing that keeps me from really diving into the process of expansion is what Julien Smith refers to as The Flinch.  (His book about this phenomenon is currently free on Amazon.)  It is that moment when I am nearing the edge of my comfort zone and all the chatter from my lizard brain comes flooding in as to why this next “risk” step outside of the “Comfort Zone” is either not a good idea or “should” be put off until later… (Insert logical reason/excuse here…)

When I think of the breathing cycle, I can see that I have been in the pattern of exhale for most of earlier life and what is needing to happen now is not only for me to really devote myself to the daily process of inhaling life on every level, but to embrace all parts of the breathing cycle (literally and metaphorically).  Of course this includes both then inhale and the exhale process but also the beautiful pause moments in between where the lungs/body are either completely full to capacity or are completely emptied out of everything.

This is the rhythm of life on every level and it is the rhythm that is so simple to tune into, in theory, but in this day and age it does take both devotion and constant focus to bring oneself back to the breathe.  With a million and one potential distractions to pull me off my center this is the one strategy that can keep me anchored into my truth, my beauty, my power, and my grace, with the greatest ease.  And yet it is often the thing my lizard brain most wants to resists with everything its got.

What strategy do you use to bring yourself back to center, to the breath, to your inner point of stillness and centered power throughout the day?  I would to hear the approach that works best for you in the comments below.