Diving in deep with the Many Faces of the Goddess

Photo Credit: Shannon Kringen via Compfight
The current stage of my life is about continuing to deepen my reacquaintance with the powerful energies of the Goddess.  This has been the most exhilarating and terrifying journey of my life.  For many decades, I was almost completely cut off from her life-giving power.  And although that part of my path presented many painful obstacles, I now find myself deeply grateful for every moment along the way because it is only in reflection of the pain that I can fully appreciate and be deeply present to the rich aliveness and fulfillment that comes with living fully embodied in my conscious feminine power.

And although my commitment to walking this path is deeply rooted, I continue to learn how diverse, mysterious, and expansive the power of the Goddess can be… for she is anything but predictable.

In fact, she has many faces, all beautiful, yet some much easier for me to step into than others… this is where my work continues.  I have attempted to capture a fraction of her vastness in the poem below.

The Many Faces of the Goddess

She is the Great Nurturing Mother… rich, fertile, grounded, earthy, abundant
She is the Embrace of Compassion… forgiveness, mercy, allowance, acceptance, empathy
She is the Devoted Stillness of the Priestess… flow, silence, intuition, signs, ceremony
She is the Bold Creator / Destroyer… change, creative chaos, transformation, catalyst, liberation
She is the Lady of Communion…intention, sovereignty, integrity, independent, resourceful
She is the Playful Muse…inspiration, spontaneity, wonder, magic, joy
She is the Goddess of Love… beauty, harmony, sensuality, intimacy, self-love
She is the Primal Gypsy… wild, passion, freedom, instinct, body wisdom
She is the Initiator of Truth… clarity, authenticity, challenger, breakthrough, risk
She is the Heart Knowing Wise Woman… guide, wisdom, humility, medicine ways, confidence
She is the Visionary Dream Weaver…synchronicity, oracle, connections, synthesis, myth maker
She is the Queen of Death… completion, surrender, trust, peace, rebirth
She is the Graceful Alchemist…wholeness, union, transcendence, triumph, glory
She is She
She is Me
I am She

Which of the many faces of the Goddess is calling most loudly to you today?