The Exquisite Revolution


Hi! I’m Aime Miyamoto, the creator and host of The Exquisite Revolution – the cutting-edge web TV show for Visionary Digital Change-Makers who are dedicated to designing a life they love while making a radical difference in the lives of others using the power of the web.

In addition to serving as the host of The Exquisite Revolution, I am also known across the web as a Visionary Catalyst, Creative Connector, Intuitive Guide to Rising Visionary (Women) Leaders, and a keen Curator of game-changing online resources (AKA Exquisitely Revolutionary puzzle pieces of WOW!)

So Why The Exquisite Revolution? And Why Now?
The Exquisite Revolution was born out of my deep desire to share a message with the world that I passionately believe in.

You see, I believe in the power of women to change the world for the better.

In fact, I believe that every woman possesses her own set of Unique Super Powers.

And I believe that when we are living fully from the core of our Unique Super Powers, what we share with the world raises the vibration/condition of the planet.

I also believe that by nurturing and championing other women’s Unique Super Powers they become powerful agents for change.

I believe that the world wide web is one of the most pivotal tools on the planet today with the power to AMPLIFY messages and IMPACT the lives of others on a global scale.
Therefore, I believe that women who AMPLIFY their Unique Super Powers via the web can and will change the world.

So if you too share this belief that it is possible to create a remarkable life for yourself and radically impact the lives of others by harnessing the power of the web, I invite you to join me in The Exquisite Revolution!

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