10 things you probably don’t know about me

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Chrystian Guy via Compfight

  1. I have an uncanny knack for remembering faces.
  2. I have had a celebrity crush on Johnny Depp that goes all the way back to his 21 Jump Street days (and I am not afraid to admit it.)
  3. I wish, during my senior year of high school, I had chosen to feed my delight with drama and photography, instead of feeding “it will look good on your transcript” with AP Physics and Calculus. (Yet instead of regret I am choosing to fully serve my artist self now.)
  4. In that vein, I have always had a desire to pursue painting and this past year I dove in.  I have taken several online classes like this, this and this, and have created over 10 paintings.  This has definitely taken me out of my comfort zone in a “Heck Yeah” fun kind of way.
  5. Although my taste for sugar has declined over the last year, I cannot say the same is true for really good bread…yummmmm!
  6. I am an eclectic music fan crossing both decades and genres) yet I have a particular passion for the music of the 80’s and have seen the local 80’s musical comedy review MiXtape here in San Diego seven time in less than a year (I’m shooting for at least a dozen by the end of the year… it is my current guilty pleasure.)
  7. I have always had a deep love of and connection to nature.  My favorite spiritual songs are those found in the whispers of the breeze, the crashing of the waves, the call of the hawk, and the buzzing of the bees.
  8. That first cup of coffee in the morning brings me a unique kind of joy that I have yet to find a substitute for.
  9. At this point in my life I am clear that money is a potentially powerful resource, yet without a foundation of love infusing my choices related to it, money alone cannot support my true peace and joy.
  10. My favorite form of exercise is dancing to the insistent pulse of vibrant music… the kind of music that takes me out of my head and transports me to another place, back to  my true essential self!

This post was inspired by both the prompting from Susannah Conway via Blogging From The Heart, and her mention of this post by Corbett Barr.

What can you do today to express more of your True Self with the world?  Maybe it’s by writing a post of your own like this one.

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  1. tracynicholrose says:

    I am so with you on the bread and coffee.

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