Unfolding, Unraveling, Transforming and The August Break

Moving forward by taking an August Break

This has been a year of great change for me.  It has been a year of following the bread crumbs around hidden twists and turns.  It has been a journey of faith, of trust, of stretching, releasing, waking up, and reconnecting more fully to my body as well as a willingness to fully connect with my true emotions that have been buried for far too long.

Much of my growth and expansion this year has been primarily internal with only those closest to me being privy to the changes that have been created.  Yet now the seeds of these changes are starting to reveal their desire to show themselves in my outer world.  They are nudging at me to connect with forms of self-expression that I have previously judged as “off limits”.

Yet at the same time, this has been a year of tapping into the voice and wisdom of the Divine Feminine who has had much to say about the role of rest, rejuvenation, and the slowing down of the pace in my life.  The break-neck speed of the skin I am in the process of shedding doesn’t have a place on this current path I find myself strolling on.

So when I heard about The August Break via Bindu Wiles, I knew that this was something that was calling to me as a Big YES.  This “Break” involves posting one picture, everyday during the month of August, here on my blog.  When I think about the reality of following through on this challenge, I feel both the flutterings of excitement and tightening of dread.  The mixture of these two sensations is always an indicator that I am on the right path.  The fluttering indicates alignment to the essence of something that really gets my “fire” going and the dread hints at the fear that rises when I am pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone.

So I invite you to join me here and over on The August Break during the month of August.  I predict it will be quite a ride!  What are your initial reaction to the idea of taking an entire month “break” from the pace of your current life?  What is exciting or scary or both about the possibilities?  I’d love to hear your comments below.

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