When Things Fall Apart

photo by Zanthia

I have been observing the inner and outer landscapes of my world and it is fascinating to see how mirrored they have been.  With the falling of foreign regimes, the growing backlash against the financial establishment on Wall Street, and the repercussions of bottoming-out local governmental budgets… it would appear that things are indeed falling apart.

Upon first glance, it can appear rather alarming and down-right scary to see all of these institutions, that have been foundational elements of the world I grew up in, starting to crumble and fall away.

What will happen next?  What will rise up in its place…this is the gap where trust and faith live.  If I bring my attention back to the cycles of life than I am reminded that in order for something new to be born, the old must first whither and fall away.  That is the process we are in right now…the death and dying of those things in the world that no longer serve.

The new way, the way born of love and unity consciousness, the way of collaboration and partnership, the way of service to others via loving service to ourselves is being ushered in.

I can feel this same falling away process happening within myself.   Over this past year there has been a dismantling of a complex structure of protections, safeguards, and safety nets that were all constructed during my early years to “keep me safe” from additional harm.  There were wounds that I acquired via “life” and the result was the building of walls.  These walls became so tall and thick that their original purpose of “keeping me safe” was actually keeping me from really living.

So in a committment to greater love of myself and love of the miracle of life, I have been on quite an experimental journey of deconstructing these walls, these protections, layer by layer.  In the beginning, it was terrifying because I only knew how to view life from behind the protective layer of these walls.

Yet through the beauty of baby steps I have continued to be willing to risk chipping away the inner fortress, brick by brick.  Even though the process has been long, often exhausting, and the immediate process of “the work” has been uncomfortable, I continue to collect convincing evidence that doing “the work” will not kill me as I previously believed it might.

I can feel the truth of the Anais Nin’s words flowing through my inner and outer daily experience.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

It is worth the risk of blossoming, even when it feels temporarily excruciating.  It is worth the risk of living into the fullness of my life both inside and out.  Yet it is a choice that I alone must make for myself.  And it is my hope that each and every other person that I share this planet with is in the process of making a similar choice.  What will the world look like then?

What choice might you make today that will lead you further on your journey toward blossoming?

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  1. During this week’s celebration at the Spiritual Mind Center I attend, Rev. Frankie said that if we want to create peace then we need to create peace within. Your article today illustrates that again. In order to have evolution we need involution to happen…

    I just love the fact that you quote Anais Nin!

    • Amy Miyamoto says:

      I whole-heartedly agree Jennifer – that is why cultivating inner peace is such a priority for me as a mother and as a pillar to model for my children. And Anais Nin..of course another Pioneer… 😉

  2. Randi Pierce says:

    Very true, very true : ) Beautiful post, Amy.

  3. Peggie says:

    Amy — this lovely and well put. So many of us grew up protecting and playing the game to stay protected and safe, never knowing that the best life is made by living without all the trappings of safety. In living true we create safety and protection from the real harms.

    My animals show me that every day….wake up, agenda free and explore, love and give.

    Such a great reminder Amy. I’m so happy to hear about your journey and know that’s why you’re changing the world – -your world also reflects the way you change the world!


    • Amy Miyamoto says:

      Oooh Peggy, I love your reminder here as well!
      “My animals show me that every day….wake up, agenda free and explore, love and give.” So right on!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this here!

  4. Jessica says:

    After my divorce, I had to relearn living. I was on my own after 14 years and I had a lot of inside work to do. It was painful as hell but I am so happy with my life today, it’s incredible. Mostly I love myself and I never thought that was possible. Dismantling those walls is hard work but the reward is so worth it, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

    • Amy Miyamoto says:

      Jessica, I so appreciate you sharing here about the bumps, twists, and turns involved on the path to true self-love. I can really feel the power of what you have expressed in a few short sentences. It is so much easier to look back in the rear-view mirror to see the joy that exists on the other side of what can feel like an excruciating “trek” at times. I am sure that each step on your journey is adding much richness to your current works in the wold. Congrats on your new endeavors at http://www.twofunnybrains.com. 😉

  5. Yes, we live in exciting times I believe; finally society is changing for the better. I don’t subscribe to all the doom and gloom around us because Change always creates a certain amount of chaos and a positive attitude is the only one that actually works.

    I like what you say Amy. The Wall cannot protect us from life it can only prevent us from living. A broken heart, hurt pride, bruised ego – these things are all part of being alive and no wall can edit them out so we might as well be open to life.

    BBC World Service 30 October 2011
    Dr. Babatunde Oshotiman – UN Report on the State of The World Population 2011 – was taken to task by a ferocious interviewer who wanted to paint the bleakest picture of the latest figures ie.7 billion,
    describing disaster through not being able to feed all these people. Dr. Babatunde laughed.
    He said, ‘So what are you going to do, roll over and die? You throw away food every day here (Europe) I myself am positive and I think the best way is to say if the old method is not working then we will find another creative way of dealing with the situation.’

    3 cheers for Dr Babatunde and all those who subscribe to this way of thinking!

    • Amy Miyamoto says:

      Maggie, Thank you for sharing your perspective and for offering up the beautiful example from Dr. Babatunde. 😉

  6. To become who you are as a woman, mother, self…you have to go through the processes of learning who you are not…and yes, it is so worth it…I look forward to knowing you Amy. I enjoyed your writing and perspectives.

    • Amy Miyamoto says:

      Sweetie thank you so much for stopping by and for sharing your own words of wisdom. I was delighted to see your name. I have heard our mutual friend Sarah Cook say glowing things about you. I look forward to knowing you more as well.

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